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filtration media

Water filtration media (activated carbon/resin/quartz sand/manganese sand)

Water filtration media plays a vital role within the water filter industry. Various materials serve distinct purposes, and here’s an easy-to-understand overview for your reference.

activated carbon

Activated Carbon Simplified

Activated carbon is a useful material with no smell or taste. It soaks up stuff and is used in many ways, like cleaning, fixing odors, and taking away chemicals. It’s good at adsorbing things. (display video)

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Kinds of Activated Carbon

  1. Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC): For cleaning liquids and treating dirty water.
  2. Granular Activated Carbon (GAC): Cleans gases and big machines use it.
  3. Cylinder Activated Carbon: Made from coconut shell and helps clean things.
  4. Spherical Activated Carbon (SAC): Works well for special gases and supports reactions.
  5. Activated Coal Fiber: Cleans air with small particles and is great for air filters.

Resin in Everyday Life

  1. Clean Water: Resin is vital for treating water. It removes bad stuff in water. We use it in power plants, electronics, and more. (display video)
  2. Food: Resin helps make sugar, MSG, and wine. It’s used in making high fructose syrup from corn.
  3. Medicine: Resin is key for new antibiotics and better medicine. It helps in making traditional Chinese medicine too.
  4. Chemistry: Resin replaces acids and bases in reactions. It’s great for making things without harming the environment.
  5. Environment: Resin helps clean waste liquids and recycle useful stuff.
  6. Special Uses: Resin can separate and purify metals and elements from minerals like uranium.

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Quartz sand

Quartz Sand Simplified

Quartz sand is tough and stable. It’s mostly SiO2, milky or clear. Hardness is 7, smooth shine, won’t break neatly, and it’s heavy. It cleans dirty water, catching tiny bits and bad stuff. Used in water filters with different sizes for different amounts of water. (display video)

Manganese Sand for Cleaner Water

Manganese sand comes from manganese ore. It’s strong, brown, and round. It cleans water by removing iron and manganese. No chemicals needed. Works well in treating groundwater for safe drinking. Different sizes are available based on needs. Easy to use and lasts long. (display video)

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Manganese sand