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tankless ro system

Tankless RO system V.S. Traditional design

Introduction to Traditional design

Regular RO systems have 5 filters or sometimes 6/7 filters including extra functional ones. They have a tank to store water because the flow is slow, and using a tank reduces waiting time. Both the RO system and tank take up a lot of kitchen space, not great for small homes. When changing filters, customers need to turn off the water and use a wrench. Forgetting to turn off the water could lead to flooding.

tankless ro system feature

Introduction to Tankless Design RO Systems (AW-1901):

Unlike regular ROs, the new design Tankless RO system has only 2 filters, no tank, and is smaller. The first filter is a PPC compound (PP+Carbon), the second is a 500GPD RO membrane. Filters are larger, with more capacity and lifespan. Filters can be changed with a twist, no need to turn off the water.

Advantages of Tankless Design RO Systems:

Compared to traditional models, the Tankless RO system is stylish, convenient, and fits small spaces. It doesn’t need a tank, so water flows directly from the machine, faster. It produces 10 times more water per day. No risk of leaks or flooding in the house.

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