When assembling a water purifier or reverse osmosis system, various water filter spare parts are essential for proper functionality. Even a small malfunction in any of these components can disrupt the entire system’s performance. Therefore, Aqua-Win strongly emphasizes the necessity of regular time-based maintenance to ensure optimal operation and longevity of the system. By conducting routine maintenance, we can identify and address potential issues early on, keeping the water purifier or reverse osmosis system in excellent working condition, and ensuring it consistently delivers high-quality, purified water. Below are the functions of the various accessories needed for these systems:

  1. Booster Pump: Function: Increases water pressure to ensure the efficient operation of the RO system, as it requires adequate water pressure to function properly. Stable water pressure enables optimal water production and safeguards the water system.
  2. High-Pressure Switches: Function: Automatically stops the water system from running when the pressure tank reaches its full capacity. This prevents overfilling and potential damage to the system.
  3. Low-Pressure Switches: Function: Halts the water system’s operation in the event of water shortage or insufficient pressure. This protection mechanism helps avoid damage and ensures the system doesn’t run without enough water supply.
  4. Automatic Shut-off Valves (Four Way Valve): Function: Serves as an alternative to a solenoid valve. It automatically shuts off the water flow when the pressure becomes either too low or too high. This feature helps prevent system malfunctions and protects against potential damage.
  5. Flow Restrictors: Function: Regulate the waste water ratio in the RO system. Different capacities of RO systems require specific types of flow restrictors, such as 300/400/500/600 types. Controlling the waste water ratio optimizes the system’s efficiency and reduces water wastage during the filtration process.

For detail water filter spare parts list, please refer to AQUA-WIN.