Dimensions: about (L) 275mm, (D) 70mm

A twist-in CTO water filter (carbon block filter) is typically the second or third stage filter in a reverse osmosis system. Aqua-Win coconut activated carbon filters can improve the taste of water and remove chlorine to protect the RO membrane.

Carbon filters remove contaminants by attracting and trapping them on their surface. They can also act as catalysts, which means they can change the chemical composition of certain substances. For example, carbon filters can remove chlorine, pesticides, chloroform, and VOCs from water.

Their efficient filtration capabilities ensure clean water and improved air quality.

For other filters, please refer to TWIST-IN CARTRIDGE.

Taiwan quick change water filter


We offer twist-in water filters made from various materials as below.
PP (sediment), GAC, CTO, resin, alkaline, DI resin, UF membrane, and RO membrane.

To replace the filter, simply twist, pull, push, and twist again.

Furthermore, the unique head design includes an auto shut-off valve, so you don’t need to turn off the water supply before replacing the filter.

The filter can be replaced as a whole, avoiding contamination from the housing and keeping the water clean.


AQUA-WIN unique design for the connector head comes with easy way for filter replacement and the auto shut-off valve.

Customers do not need any tools for filter replacement, and do not need to turn off water source supply.

Valve is RELEASE: when you removed cartridges, the auto shut-off valve is released, then block the water.

Valve is PRESS-IN: when you inserted the cartridge, the auto shut-off valve is press-in, then allow water flowing.

ro cartridge water filter
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