RO Membrane

RO membranes are efficient for purifying water. The process starts with high-pressure water pushing a concentrated solution of unfiltered water. A pump may be needed to maintain sufficient pressure. Aqua-Win Taiwan RO membrane specifically works with tap water. The pump’s main role is to create the pressure to pass water through the semipermeable membrane.

The semipermeable membrane is an essential component in the reverse osmosis process. It can selectively permit the passage of water molecules while effectively capturing and eliminating most all dissolved salts and other substances found in the water. Consequently, the water is purer and largely devoid of contaminants after Taiwan RO membrane.

Aqua-Win also provide Twist-in RO membrane
RO membrane for AW-1901

water filter replacement

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Standard, Nano-silver


50G (1812), 80G (1812), 100G (1812), 500G (3012)