Resin Water Filter

Ion-exchange resin filters find widespread application across industries to eliminate targeted contaminants from water sources.

These cartridges employ resin beads that undergo ion exchange, effectively exchanging positive ions (cation) or negative ions (anions) to adsorb contaminants from the water.

Softening Resin V.S. DI Resin

Softening resin filters target and remove calcium and magnesium ions from water sources. These ions can form mineral scale deposits in hot water and steam equipment.

DI (deionization) resin water filters use a combination of cation and anion beads to remove both positively and negatively charged ions from water. These filters effectively remove contaminants such as sodium, phosphate, chloride, silica, calcium, and magnesium ions. As a result, the water is demineralized or deionized, free of these impurities.

We also have twist-in type, please refer to TWIST-IN CARTRIDGE.

Softening Resin; For more videos, please visit: AQUAWIN TAIWAN – YouTube
DI Resin; For more videos, please visit: AQUAWIN TAIWAN – YouTube

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Softening Resin, DI (deionization) Resin


10", 20"


2.5", 4.5"