Main function of MANGANESE filter

Manganese filter is commonly used for underground water or high iron and manganese-containing sources.

Principle of iron and manganese sand filtration Manganese uses oxidation to remove iron and manganese ions from water.

What Manganese sand can do

Absorbs iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from water. Uses oxidation to filter and precipitate these particles during backwashing.

Manganese sand needs periodic regeneration with potassium permanganate (KMnO4) to maintain its oxidizing ability.

Manganese filter excellent functions:

  1. Strong, long-lasting adsorption and coal oxidation effectively remove iron and manganese.
  2. Simultaneous catalytic oxidation and filtration extend the agent’s life.
  3. Low installation cost, large filtration pores, and quick filtration allow space-saving miniaturization of the filtration system.
  4. Direct use of underground well water reduces tank space requirements.
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