HY-6099 Twist in EZ Change Standing RO System (Water Pressure Gauge)

With a transformer, available in 110Volt, 220Volt
Operation pressure:50 -80 psi
Dimensions:Around (cm) 34 (L) x 25 (W) x 50(H) – RO System
 Around (cm) 25 (L) x 25 (W) x 36 (H) – Tank
Weight:Around 10 kgs – RO System
 Around 3.5 kgs – Tank

The HY-6099 is a water filter with a twist-in design. It comes with a 2.2-gallon water tank and is small enough to fit in any space. The twist-in cartridges make it easy to replace the filters without any tools.

Here is a more detailed explanation of each feature:

  • Twist-in design: The twist-in design makes it easy to install and remove the filters. Simply twist the old filter out and twist the new filter in.
  • 2.2-gallon water tank: The 2.2-gallon water tank provides enough water for drinking, cooking, and other household needs.
  • Small size: The small size makes the HY-6099 suitable for any space, including under the sink or on a countertop.

The HY-6099 is a good option for people who want a small, easy-to-use water filter. It is also a good choice for people who want to avoid the use of tools when changing filters.

Taiwan quick change water filter


We offer twist-in water filters made from various materials as below.
PP (sediment), GAC, CTO, resin, alkaline, DI resin, UF membrane, and RO membrane.

To replace the filter, simply twist, pull, push, and twist again.

Furthermore, the unique head design includes an auto shut-off valve, so you don’t need to turn off the water supply before replacing the filter.

The filter can be replaced as a whole, avoiding contamination from the housing and keeping the water clean.


AQUA-WIN unique design for the connector head comes with easy way for filter replacement and the auto shut-off valve.

Customers do not need any tools for filter replacement, and do not need to turn off water source supply.

Valve is RELEASE: when you removed cartridges, the auto shut-off valve is released, then block the water.

Valve is PRESS-IN: when you inserted the cartridge, the auto shut-off valve is press-in, then allow water flowing.

ro cartridge water filter
HY-6099 display video


Model No.A-102-6
DescriptionHY-6099 5-Stage Twist in EZ Change Standing RO System (Water Pressure Gauge)
Specification1st Stage — Twist in Disposable PP Filter
2nd Stage — Twist in Disposable Block Carbon Filter
3rd Stage — Twist in Disposable Block Carbon Filter
4th Stage — 50G RO membrane
5th Stage — Post in-line Carbon
2.2G NSF Standard Storage tank 

OPTIONAL: 80G-100G membrane, Mineral Filter, Alkaline Filter, UV Sterilizer 

Specifications of HY-6099 Twist in RO System