AW-600 Tankless RO System Hot Water Dispenser

With a transformer 110/240Volt
Operation pressure:50 -80 psi
Dimensions:Around (cm) 42 (L) x 15 (W) x 40 (H)
Weight:Around 10 kgs

This compact water purifier boasts a revolutionary 1-stage, compounding 5-layer in 1 cartridge, delivering RO water and hot water at your fingertips. Moreover, convenient touch panel faucets and brand-new insert type cartridges with replacement light indicators ensure effortless, tool-less cartridge changes.

The tankless design eliminates the need for a storage tank, enabling direct water flow and providing ten times the flow rate of traditional RO systems. Furthermore, this innovative design ensures efficient removal of bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals, granting you quicker access to purified water.

Installation is a breeze with the easy-to-replace insert type cartridges. Additionally, the tankless design inhibits bacterial growth and performs an automatic 20-second flush upon electricity connection, minimizing water waste with a 1:2 ratio of waste to RO water.

For more tankless RO systems, please refer to the Tankless type.


how water dispenser ro system

Hot water + RO water

Combining both hot and pure water functionality, the separation of hot water and warm water is maintained through the use of distinct pipelines.


  • Water Boiler
  • Water purifier
  • Water dispenser
  • Water Warmer
  • Baby formula
  • Tea brewing
multiple purpose
compound filter

5 in 1 Compound Filter

  • Microfiltration: eliminates large particles.
  • ACF activated carbon: eliminates chlorine and odor.
  • RO membrane: eliminates bacteria and heavy metals.
  • Post-carbon layer: eliminates chlorine and enhances taste.
  • Sediment PP: removes solid particles and impurities.

Smart Protection

  • Auto Flush function: Maintains clear filter and tubing.
  • Cartridge Lifespan Display: Provides easy-to-read cartridge status.
  • Auto Stop feature: Prevents issues with the machine and pump.
smart protection
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Model No.A-173-31 / A-173-30
Product NameAW-600 RO System Hot Water Dispenser(110V,60Hz / 220V, 50Hz)
SpecificationAW-600 RO System with Hot Water boasts a seamlessly integrated casing
with a built-in heating system, saving space and power.
Also, it offers both pure and hot water functions, catering to various water needs.
The 5-in-1 composite filter is easily removable and ensures safe drinking water
with its five-stage filtration process. Moreover, the intelligent faucet and panel display water 
filter lifespan, providing timely reminders for filter replacement.
5-in-1 composite filter:
Microfiltration-ACF activated carbon-RO membrane-Post carbon-PP
✅ Large water capacity of 600 gallons
✅ High filtration efficiency
✅ Integrated hot and pure water function
✅ Efficient RO membrane
✅ Touch-sensitive faucet
✅ Side-pull filter design
✅ Multiple protections
✅ Automatic cleaning


With a transformer 110/240Volt
Operation pressure:50 -80 psi
Dimensions:Around (cm) 42 (L) x 15 (W) x 40 (H)
Weight:Around 10 kgs