AW-1901 Direct flow RO system (500 GPD) (Integrated Waterway)

With a transformer 100-240Volt
Operation pressure:50 -80 psi
Dimensions:Around (cm) 35 (L) x 13.5 (W) x 39.5 (H)
Weight:Around 11.1 kgs

The AW-1901 Tankless RO system is a space-saving water purifier that offers two types of water: prefiltered and RO water. Moreover, it has dual handle faucets and brand-new insert type cartridges that feature a replacement light indicator and hassle-free, tool-less replacement.

The tankless design allows for direct water flow and the 500GPD RO membrane provides ten times the flow rate of traditional RO systems, so you can enjoy filtered water that removes bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals quickly.

The smart LCD display shows the TDS value and cartridge replacement status. Installation is quick and easy with insert type cartridges. The tankless design prevents bacterial growth. The system automatically flushes for 30 seconds when connected to electricity, saving water with a 1:2 waste to RO water ratio. It also has an integrated waterway design that prevents leakage.

For more tankless RO systems, please refer to the Tankless type.


low waste ro


  1. Tankless model: drink pure water directly without waiting
  2. 500 GPD RO membrane: filter virus, bacteria and heavy metal
  3. Dual faucet with filter replacement indicator: easy to know when you need to replace the cartridges
  4. Less waste water: only 2:1 for pure water to waste water


  • AW-1901 has a panel that shows the TDS value and when to replace the filters.
  • It has a dual faucet that provides pre-filtered water and pure water.
  • Explicitly It has only 2 filters: a PPC filter that removes sediment and activated carbon, and a 500 GPD RO membrane that removes impurities.
TDS display ro system
quick change tank less water filter


  • Drink pure water directly without waiting.
  • 500 GPD RO membrane filters out virus, bacteria, and heavy metals.
  • Dual faucet with filter replacement indicator makes it easy to know when to replace the cartridges.
  • Less water waste, with a 2:1 pure water to waste water ratio.


The AW-1901 RO system has an integrated waterway design, which means that there are fewer connectors and less chance of water leakage. This is unlike traditional RO systems, which have many connectors that can be a source of leaks. The integrated waterway design also separates the water and electrical components, making the AW-1901 smaller than other RO systems.

Integrated Waterway
dual faucet led for tankless


BLUE -> working normally
RED -> filters replacement reminder


Only 35 (L) x 13.5 (W) x 39.5 (H) cm, space saving up to 60% compare to traditional RO system.

small size tankless ro filter
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Model No.A-300
Product NameAW-1901 Direct flow RO system (500 GPD) (Integrated Waterway)
SpecificationTwo types of water with dual handle faucets, simply switch between prefiltered water and RO water.
Brand new insert type cartridges, comes with replacement light indicator and easy
replacement no tools needed.
Space saving with tankless design, and time saving with direct water flow.

✅ 500GPD high water flow, 10 times water flow.
✅ Direct flow for usage.
✅ Prefiltered water & RO water.
✅ Filtered bacteria, viruses and heavy metals.
✅ Smart LCD display TDS value and light indicator for cartridge replacement.
✅ Insert type cartridges, quick and easy installation.
✅ Tankless design, prevent bacteria grow in water.
✅ Waste:RO water ratio 1:2, less waste water and more saving water.|
✅ Auto flush 30s when connect to electricity
✅ Non leakage design with Integrated Waterway


With a transformer 100-240Volt
Operation pressure:50 -80 psi
Dimensions:Around (cm) 35 (L) x 13.5 (W) x 39.5 (H)
Weight:Around 11.1 kgs