Activated Carbon Water Filter

Activated Carbon water filter attracts and retain contaminants through adsorption, acting like a magnet for impurities. They also catalytically modify chemical compositions, making them ideal for removing chlorine, pesticides, THMs, and VOCs found in gasoline, solvents, and cleaners.

What’s the difference between GAC and CTO?

Activated carbon block water filters, also known as CTO filters, consist of tightly compressed carbon material, enabling them to achieve superior filtration capabilities capable of eliminating even the smallest contaminants. Conversely, GAC, composed of loosely packed carbon granules, offer higher flow rates for efficient water filtration.

Charcoal filter V.S. Activated carbon filter.

Charcoal, once popular for filtration, is now replaced by coconut activated carbon water filter, highly effective in removing water contaminants. “Charcoal filters” usually mean carbon filters.

Coconut filters use carbon from coconut husks, treated in a lab through vacuum heating and cleaning. This coconut carbon is suitable in water filters due to its efficacy in removing undesirable tastes, odors, VOCs, chlorine, pesticides, and other impurities.

Aqua-Win also provide Twist-in water filters which is easy for replacement without tool needed.

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