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Purchasing and Cooperation

1. How can I purchase your water filters?You can send us inquiry by Email or communication app directly. 2. Do you offer bulk purchasing options? Absolutely! We provide competitive pricing and tailored solutions for bulk orders. Contact us for more details. 3. Can I purchase a sample before bulk purchasing? Certainly! We offer virtual demonstrations […]

tankless ro system

Tankless RO system V.S. Traditional design

Introduction to Traditional design Regular RO systems have 5 filters or sometimes 6/7 filters including extra functional ones. They have a tank to store water because the flow is slow, and using a tank reduces waiting time. Both the RO system and tank take up a lot of kitchen space, not great for small homes. […]

water filter troubleshooting

Traditional RO system filter replacement & Troubleshooting

Maintaining your RO & filtration systems demands consistent filter replacement. Filters degrade with time, impacting water quality. Employing outdated filters can also cause harm to your equipment. For a convenient solution, Aqua-Win presents a user-friendly guide to streamline your RO system filter replacement process.Please Impact of Ignoring Filter Changes Refer to the diagram for straightforward […]

filtration media

Water filtration media (activated carbon/resin/quartz sand/manganese sand)

Water filtration media plays a vital role within the water filter industry. Various materials serve distinct purposes, and here’s an easy-to-understand overview for your reference. Quartz Sand Simplified Quartz sand is tough and stable. It’s mostly SiO2, milky or clear. Hardness is 7, smooth shine, won’t break neatly, and it’s heavy. It cleans dirty water, […]

Misconceptions of RO System

Misconceptions of RO System

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems: Debunking Common Misconceptions Reverse osmosis (RO) water systems are a popular choice for home water purification. However, there are some common misconceptions about RO water that can make people hesitant to install one. Misconception #1: RO systems remove all minerals from water. There are misconceptions of RO System and this is […]